Are Psychics the Key to Breaking the Chandra Levy Mystery?

Nearly three months into the hunt for missing Washington intern Chandra Levy, and leads on her mysterious disappearance appear to be few and far between.

While some say investigators are nearing desperation, calling on a psychic may not seem as crazy as it sounds.

More than one so-called psychic detective is trying to contact the Levys and the D.C. Police.

"There's an urgency with this. They're coming up dry with leads," said psychic Lysa Moskowitz-Mateau.

In other high profile investigations like the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation, and the Polly Klaas kidnapping, psychics tried to find missing people or their killers without much luck.

All of these so-called psychic investigators claim to have a sixth sense, but can they solve the questions many are hoping will soon be answered in the Chandra Levy investigation: What happened to her? Is she dead or alive?

"I tend to think more that she's dead," said psychic Frank St. James. "I almost feel she was in or near water. I still believe that there was rough sex here, and I'm looking at maybe the throat."

Another psychic's feeling was similar.

"It was an accident. She was strangled. It wasn't the intention of the evening to kill Chandra Levy," said Moskowitz-Mateau.

But are these people really psychic? Some cops who've worked with them say yes, others say its all hocus-pocus.

"It always turns out that their wonderful gifts are only available if and when you make money available to them," Marc Klaas, father of murder victim Polly Klaas, said. "They insinuate themselves into your life and they never give you the information you need."

Still, Frank St. James insists he can see and feel what victims go through.

"Most of the time, I do find a person," he said.