'I Won't Settle Without CBS Apology:' Survivor

Money doesn't matter, a lawyer for former Survivor contestant Stacey Stillman said yesterday.

Stillman won't settle her suit against the show's producers and CBS unless they admit the show was rigged, her attorney Donald Yates told The Post

"Stacey is interested in an admission of wrongdoing," he said. 

"She's not looking for a quick settlement. She's looking for CBS' fraud to be brought into the light, and doing some closed-door settlement wouldn't accomplish that for her, so she wouldn't be interested," he said. 

Lawyers for Survivor executive producer Mark Burnett and CBS say no offer of settlement has been made, but they added that "anything can happen," according to network attorney Andy White. 

"We've given testimony from not only Mark Burnett, who's the subject of all these accusations, but also everybody else who participated in the show, and there was no wrongdoing," White said. "And that's what we're going to prove in front of a jury." 

Stillman is suing Burnett and CBS for allegedly orchestrating her ouster from the show last summer. 

She is seeking at least $70,000 for her expenses, and punitive damages that could be worth millions.