Below the Fold

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Now, let's check out some unheralded political stories we found this week below the fold. 

Learning curve

The National PTA is mounting a three-year, $2.2 million ad campaign possibly to counterclaims that it has become too closely bound to the Democratic Party.  The PTA has rented Washington office space at the headquarters of the National Education Association and also opposes Republican educational proposals including school choice, mandatory testing and published comparisons of school district performance. 

Former GOP Congressman William Goodling says, "They don't represent parents.  They represent whatever the major education groups want, which is the status quo."  PTA President Ginny Markell counters, "We are nonpartisan.  Our own bylaws say that we are nonpartisan."

The "ex-files"

From our "ex-files," the Clinton presidential library has established a Web site,, for men and women who worked in Bill Clinton's administrations or campaigns.  Among the promised benefits, a comprehensive alumni staff directory, an interactive bulletin board, calendars of events, e-mails and other unnamed but still promised resources and tool.  The only catch, alumni have to pay $30 for the privilege of membership, tax deductible, of course.  Major credit cards accepted. 

Sucker punched

The House of Representatives has approved $20 million in aid for farmers who live in the Klamath River Basin along the California-Oregon border.  The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation has shut off irrigation water in the region, producing a government-ordered drought to keep river levels high for the sake of the endangered sucker fish, an inedible bottom feeder.  Some experts say the sucker fish campaign can cost 30,000 people their jobs and homes. 

A way with words

And finally, the understatement of the week.  The official Web site of Democratic Congressman Gary Condit of California notes, quote, "Life in politics has been anything but dull for Gary Condit."

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