Statement Issued by Condit: 6/22/01

Text of a paper statement issued by California Rep. Gary Condit this afternoon:

I was very glad that I could finally meet with Mrs. Levy last evening.

Dr. & Mrs. Levy and the Levy family are undergoing the most terrible and difficult circumstances that can face any family.

My prayers hopes & sympathy are with them.

I also want to thank Mr. Billy Martin, attorney for the Levys  for his expeditious handling of my meeting request.

Mr. Abbe Lowell who has been a friend of mine for 3 years facilitated this meeting.

Mr. Lowell is an expert in the ways of Washington and I will continue to rely on him for advice on this matter.

As I said yesterday I have been in contact with the DC Metropolitan Police Department to let them know that I wanted to provide whatever information I could that could help locate Chandra.

I called them today to schedule the interview. Hopefully it will occur sooner rather than later.