Common Sense: Late to Bed, Early to Rise

How much do you sleep a night?

Seven hours? Eight hours? A lot more? A lot less?

The reason why I ask is because of a story in USA Today that purports to show the nation's leading CEO's get hardly any sleep at all. One guy, we're told, is lucky if he manages a couple of hours a night. Still another says three hours is, "more than enough."

One after another, these ultimate bosses brag about being the ultimate masochists and loving it. Late to bed, early to rise, gives our nation's best and brightest, the ultimate prize. Maybe so. But I suspect something else is going on here: guilt.

Most of these guys earn so much money, that they have to show the world that they work around the clock. These are 24/7 guys. I say all the more power to them.

Clearly, CEOs are a different breed. They didn't get to being on top of us by being like us.

I should know, I've probably interviewed thousands of them over the years. And most, true to form, have an amazing, almost obsessive work ethic. They are veritable Pattons in pinstripes.

My hat's off to you if you're rifling through papers at 3 a.m. when I'm in bed. It’s great if you're e-mailing while jogging your morning five. I'm probably just getting up.

But I think I work hard. And a lot of people I work with work hard.

You didn't ask, but here's my advice: take a nap.

Judging from the looks of your balance sheets, a lot of you could use more time between the sheets. Doing what is your call. Getting over this Dracula thing is my call. Because even Dracula got his rest, so he'd be nice and fresh sucking the blood out of the rest of us.

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