Below the Fold

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Now let's check out some unheralded political stories we found this week below the fold. 

Trouble brewing

Seattle, the home of Starbucks coffee and the city that brought us WTO protests, has pioneered a new kind of political mischief-making.  Self-described community activists are boycotting Starbucks because local police shot and killed Aaron Roberts, described by The Wall Street Journal as a felon who fled a work release program. 

So, what did Starbucks have to do with the death?   Nothing. Organizers told The Seattle Times the coffee chain was guilty merely of being a prominent, prosperous corporation that might influence police behavior.  Raising the question, what next, picket Krispy Kreme?

Biting humor

Phil Bronstein, executive editor of The San Francisco Chronicle and husband of actor Sharon Stone, recently entered the cage of a Komodo dragon at the Los Angeles Zoo.  He removed his shoes because a zoo employee feared the reptile might mistake Bronstein's white sneakers for rats or other dragon delicacies, but the trick failed. The animal bit Bronstein's toe and almost removed his foot, and then the real pain began. 

Here, courtesy of The New York Post, is a sampling of public reaction to the editor's predicament.  Bartender Michael McCourt: "Is it true that he tasted like chicken?"

Political consultant, Clint Reilly:  "Gee, I hope the dragon is OK.  I heard it got food poisoning."

And finally, San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown:  "I only wish the person who suggested Mr. Bronstein remove his shoes had advised him to go naked."

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