Home Theater Accessory Price List

Thinking of furnishing your own home theater? Consider this shopping list of possible items:


Orion Flat Plasma Screen $5,495.00
Nostalgic Coke Soda Machine $3,449.00
Wall Mounted Candy Case $695.00
Forum Rocker Theater Seating $485.00
Home Theater Signage — Dual Mylar Marquee $395.00
1911 Antique Popcorn Machine w/4oz kettle $360.00
Decora Light Sconce $169.00
Authentic Velour Rope for Home Theater $90.00
The Show Starts in 45 Minutes —
Walk in Music for Your Home Theater CD
Fight Club Movie Poster $16.00
Total $11,171.95
—All prices from www.htmarket.com