Jack Gets Whacked - as if Fans Didn't Know

Jackie Aprile Jr. didn't see it coming — but fans of The Sopranos sure did.

Viewers of last night's season finale said they knew there was a bullet with Jackie's name on it after he robbed a card game run by mob capo Ralph Cifaretto's crew. 

So they weren't exactly shocked when he took one in the back of the head — on stepdad-to-be Ralphie's orders at Tony's urging — while hiding out in a housing project. 

"When he left the house, I thought, ‘He's gonna get it,' and it was rather anticlimactic when it happened," said Rick Sabatini, 39, a graphics designer who was hosting a Sopranos party at his Bloomfield, N.J., home. 

"I think they tried to throw a couple of curves into it, but they pretty much laid the groundwork last week." 

Kieran Blake, 29, a Manhattan bartender, said he was a bit surprised the hit of the week was Jackie — but only because he "thought it was a little obvious." 

While film editor Allison Teich, 24, of Manhattan, wasn't caught off guard by Jackie's untimely passing, she still found watching it upsetting. 

"He was a good character," she said. "He was fun to watch." 

Overall, the much-hyped episode got tepid reviews from diehards, who were surprised there wasn't more drama or a big cliffhanger at the end. 

And the very last scene — showing the family gathered around as Uncle Junior serenaded them with the song "Ungrateful Heart" — fell flat with some Sopranoholics. 

"I was disappointed," said Brooklyn bar owner Marea Chaveco Alverio. "They had much better episodes during the season."