Below the Fold

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And now let's check out some unheralded political stories we found this week below the fold.  

Clothes make the man

Woodbury High student Elliott Chambers can wear a straight pride sweatshirt to school thanks to a federal judge in Minnesota. School officials recently ordered the 16-year-old to remove the outer garment or face expulsion. 

Although the school boasts of so-called safe zones where students and teachers can talk about their sex lives, especially the homosexual and non-traditional varieties, officials said they feared the sweatshirt might incite violence. 

They also warned that the overtly traditional theme could undermine their efforts to "foster tolerance and respect for diversity among students."

Got milk?

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wants to banish one of the oldest traditions in auto racing:  having the winner of the Indianapolis 500 take a swig of milk as the first victory toast.  The outfit wants a soy milk substitute, warning, "Offering someone a get glass of cow's milk is like offering someone a cigarette."

As a fall-back critique PETA calls the ritual racist because many African-Americans are lactose intolerant. 

Says driver Eddie Cheever, "If I have the good fortune of winning the 500 again and they give me a bottle of soy milk, I'm going to throw it at them."

Bear with us

The Washington Post published this picture Tuesday, claiming to show a polar bear family on Alaskan land targeted by the Bush administration for oil exploration.  A subsequent correction explained, "The file photo taken in the early 1980's actually showed bears on an ice pack 30 miles offshore in the Beaufort Sea." Alaska Senator Frank Murkowsi explained The Post missed its mark by more than 200 miles. 

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