Talking Points: Justice Served


Fourteen-year-old Nathaniel Brazill has been convicted of second-degree murder. That's the subject of this evening's Talking Points memo.

Nathaniel would have gotten life in prison if the jury had convicted him of first-degree murder. Now he faces 25 years mandatory in prison.

This is fair. The jury did the right thing.

We are living in a troubled time and society must be protected from children with guns. Period. All this hand wringing about the age of Nathaniel Brazill is misguided. The boy walked up and killed a teacher. If he doesn't understand the atrocity of that, he is a clear and present danger to us all and we must be protected from him.

It is not society's job to try and figure out why Nathaniel is a killer. There will always be evil and mentally disturbed people. It is society's job to keep this boy away from everybody else.

It is time to begin sending messages in this country. Killers, rapists, molesters and drug dealers simply will not be tolerated. These people need to be isolated and punished harshly.

Social permissiveness reigns in America right now. Almost anything goes, as there are no moral absolutes anymore.

Some Americans listening to me right now would only require that Nathaniel Brazill be sentenced to detention for seven years. They argue that we are throwing the boy away. Well, we are and with good reason. This boy committed an unspeakable evil that he should have understood. He has forfeited the right to freedom.

We as a society have lost sight of evil. Many of us live in protected worlds. Our lives are orderly. When Barry Grunow showed up to teach Nathaniel and his other students that day, he had no idea it would be his last day on earth.

Mr. Grunow's wife and two young children, a baby and a 5-year-old, will never be the same. Their suffering will live as long as they do.

Nathaniel Brazill is a dangerous person. He and others like him do not deserve to live amongst us.

And that's the memo.

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

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