Talking Points: Where are America's Black Leaders?

Well, they're breaking down the census and America is changing very rapidly. That's the subject of this evening's Talking Points memo.

The fastest change is in households headed by single mothers. That's up 25 percent since 1990. Of course, single moms raising kids by themselves is usually a ticket to poverty. And are you ready? Seventy percent of African-American babies are now born out of wedlock compared to 26 percent of white babies.

Now, you may want to know why the poverty cycle continues. That's why. And there's little society can do about it. About the only thing that would discourage single motherhood is peer pressure. If women felt stigmatized for having babies they can't support, that might discourage some of them.

In this day and age, birth control is cheap and available. There is no need to conceive a child without the means and the support system to raise that child responsibly. Yet millions of poor, single American women continue to get pregnant and millions of American men continue to abandon their own children. There's simply no excuse for that kind of irresponsible behavior.

It is troubling that the highest profile black leader in the country, Jesse Jackson, an ordained minister, recently sired a daughter with his mistress. The two are now fighting over money. What kind of message does Jackson send with that piece of business and why haven't responsible African-American leaders chastised Jackson? We'll find out in just a few moments.

And then there is Mayor Willie Brown of San Francisco, another high profile black leader. He also has a baby daughter with his mistress. Talking Points believes the national media is too cowardly to confront the real issues surrounding poverty. They are substance abuse, illegitimate pregnancies and poor education. Points also believes that it is not the responsibility of working Americans to support irresponsible behavior.

For decades, the federal and state governments have been taxing us in order to send welfare and health entitlements to people who make mistake after mistake, even though those mistakes are obvious. If you are going to intoxicate yourself on a daily basis, you will not be able to earn a living legally. If you have babies, you must earn enough money to support those babies and if you don't learn the basics in school, you are doomed to a low paying job.

It is time for the black leadership in the USA to step up and strongly criticize self-destructive behavior. Jackson and Brown can afford to raise out of wedlock children, but many others can't and it is flat our wrong to ask the rest of us to carry that load.

Finally, Jesse Jackson and Willie Brown have lost their credibility as social leaders. These men have provided terrible examples to many people in desperate need of good role models. They are not entertainers or sports figures or private citizens, they are public servants who have made careers by saying they want to help people. Well, baloney. Disadvantage youth need all the help they can get and the actions of Jackson and Brown are not helping them. If you want to talk the talk, gentlemen, then walk the walk. You guys have failed dismally.

And that's the memo.

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

All the cable news outlets went crazy because of this runaway train in Ohio. Apparently the 37-car train was left unattended, and the braking mechanism didn't work right, and presto, the train began to zoom along with nobody on board.

On and on the train ran, through downtown Bowling Green and through the pretty hills and dales of Ohio. Then a railroad official jumped on board and stopped the darn thing. It was ridiculous, but great video.

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