Blake Lawyer: Busey on Bonny's Scam List

Robert Blake's lawyer yesterday said he has proof that murder victim Bonny Bakley was out to scam actor Gary Busey in the final month of her life.

Lawyer Harland Braun said Bakley got as far as writing Busey's mom for his address and phone number - but never reached Busey himself.

It was unclear what the alleged con was to have involved. Bakley has been described as a celeb-starved grifter who repeatedly tried to scam celebs out of money.

"She had a list of people she was going to go after, and [Busey's] name was down for March 30, 2001," Braun said.

"[It's] insane, because she's married to Robert Blake."

Braun said Busey, 56, told him he didn't know Bakley or that she had contacted his mom.

The actor, who won an Oscar nomination for "The Buddy Holly Story," could not be reached for comment yesterday.

A lawyer for Bakley's estate insisted that the latest allegation is another effort to smear the victim in front of potential Los Angeles jurors.

The news came as Braun said Blake's bodyguard, Earle Caulfield, told cops he believes that Bakley was the victim of her own hit plot - against her hubby.

"If Blake was killed, she would get $13,000 a month in child support," Braun said. "Caulfield's theory is that she hired someone to kill Blake and the guys thought she was so unstable that they killed her instead and kept the money."

Blake and his wife had dined at a restaurant near their Studio City home just before her murder May 4. He has told cops he forgot the gun he carried for protection at the eatery, and left his wife in the car while he retrieved it.

That's when a gunman fired into Blake's car, killing the mother of his 11-month-old daughter. In addition to searching Blake's property, cops hauled away Bakley's car.

Sources close to the investigation told The Post cops are going through a trunk full of tapes that Bakley secretly made of phone conversations she had with Blake.

Meanwhile yesterday, Blake continued to form his own legal Dream Team, hiring L.A. lawyer Barry Levin, who once represented rich-kid parent-killer Erik Menendez.

Bakley's family and Blake also struck a deal for the actor to fork over about $12,000 to pay for her body to be shipped back to her native New Jersey for burial, a family lawyer said.