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FOX News/Opinion Dynamics:Most Keep Driving Even with Higher Pump Prices

Recent news items – from rapidly increasing gasoline prices to rolling electricity blackouts – have forced Americans once again to pay attention to energy issues. However, this week’s FOX News/Opinion Dynamics Poll shows a public that is almost evenly divided on whether the country is experiencing an actual energy crisis; 45 percent think it is and 50 percent say they do not consider the current situation a crisis.

Despite the blackouts in California, opinion is also divided on relaxing environmental standards to make it easier to build new power plants (48 percent favor, 41 percent oppose). Opinion remains essentially unchanged on the issue since January of this year. On the issue of building more nuclear power plants, there has been a slight increase in those favoring the method as a way of meeting growing demand. Currently 49 percent favor building more nuclear power plants, up from 44 percent in January.

Overall, 41 percent think building new plants is the better way to meet the country’s future energy needs over requiring conservation (favored by 35 percent). Democrats and Independents are evenly divided between building plants and requiring conservation, while Republicans strongly favor increasing supply options. Men favor building over conservation by 47 percent to 30 percent compared to women who slightly favor conservation over building (39 percent to 34 percent).

Who do Americans blame for rising gas prices? For the most part, blame falls on oil companies (32 percent) and OPEC (19 percent). Nine percent blame the Bush administration, even though it has only been in place a few months. Little blame falls on consumers (6 percent) or on the auto industry and gas-guzzler cars (two percent).

"Since they were waiting in gas lines in the ‘70s, Americans have always had a skeptical attitude toward energy crises," comments Opinion Dynamics President John Gorman. "They see the oil industry and some independent power producers rushing to cash in on the crisis and start to wonder if they are being taken. The fact that the Bush administration has such a density of oil industry executives and the fact they were pledged to many of their development policies before the crisis developed is going to contribute to the skepticism."

About one-third of Americans have changed their driving habits or travel plans due to higher gas prices, down from 40 percent reporting changed habits last summer (June 2000). Young people and those with lower household family incomes are more likely to say the increase in gas prices has caused them to make changes.

A majority (56 percent) would like to see the federal gasoline tax suspended until prices come down, including 60 percent of Democrats and 55 percent of Republicans. Again, opinion is divided on relaxing environmental standards to increase domestic oil and gas production (45 percent favor, 44 percent oppose). On this question and related questions, women are more likely than men are to oppose relaxing environmental standards.

McVeigh Execution

Most Americans think the death penalty is the right punishment for Timothy McVeigh, whose scheduled execution for the bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City was delayed the day after polling was completed. The delay will no doubt lead to additional media attention to the execution story – a news story that 49 percent think the media have been paying too much attention (9 percent say too little attention and 30 percent say the right amount).

The public sees the threat from terrorism on U.S. soil coming from domestic terrorists like McVeigh equally as likely as from foreign terrorists. Only one-third say they would be willing to give up some personal freedoms to reduce the threat of terrorism, down from 60 percent who said so in August 1996. Forty-one percent think the federal government is doing enough to prevent terrorist attacks while 37 percent disagree.

Polling was conducted by telephone May 9-10, 2001 in the evenings. The sample is 900 registered voters nationwide with a margin of error of ± 3 percentage points.

1. I'm going to read the names of some political figures. Please tell me whether you have a generally favorable or unfavorable opinion of each. If you've never heard of someone, please just say so.
SCALE: 1. Favorable 2. Unfavorable 3. (Can't say) 4. (Never heard of)

George W. Bush

  Favorable Unfavorable Can’t say Never heard
11 May 01 59% 30 11 -
20 Apr 01 64% 27 9 -
30 Mar 01 59% 31 10 -
16 Mar 01 61% 28 11 -
23 Feb 01 61% 24 15 -

2. Dick Cheney

  Favorable Unfavorable Can’t say Never heard
11 May 01 58% 22 16 4
20 Apr 01 63% 19 16 2
30 Mar 01 63% 17 18 2
16 Mar 01 61% 19 18 2
23 Feb 01 58% 17 21 4

3. Do you approve or disapprove of the job George W. Bush is doing as president?

  Approve Disapprove Don’t know
11 May 01 59% 26 15
20 Apr 01 63% 22 15
30 Mar 01 57% 24 19
16 Mar 01 56% 23 21
23 Feb 01 61% 16 23

4. Later this month, Timothy McVeigh will be executed by lethal injection for the bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City that left 168 people dead. Do you think the death penalty is the right punishment for McVeigh’s crimes or not?

Yes 74%
No 18
Not sure 8

Compare to: Taking a specific case, Timothy McVeigh, who was convicted of committing the Oklahoma City bombing which killed 168 people, is scheduled to be executed next month. Do you think the proper sentence for McVeigh is the death penalty or life in prison? (18-19 April 2001)

Death penalty 71%
Life in prison 24
Not sure 5

5. When McVeigh bombed the federal building, do you think:

He was acting alone, 11%
He was acting with the one accomplice who has been charged and convicted, or 24
He was acting as part of a larger group that is still unidentified? 40
Not sure 25

Compare to: Do you think McVeigh acted alone, acted with just one accomplice, or as part of a larger group? (19-20 March 1997) (asked of 751 respondents who thought McVeigh was involved in bombing)

Acted alone 3%
Had just one accomplice 15
Acted as part of a larger group 74
(Not sure) 8

6. Do you think the media have been paying too much attention or too little attention to the McVeigh execution story?

Too much 49%
Too little 9
About the right amount 30
Not sure 12

7. McVeigh has asked to have his execution televised. Do you think that the execution should be televised or not?

  Yes No (Not sure)
11 May 01 18% 77 5
20 Apr 01 17% 78 5
23 Feb 01 18% 78 4

8. Which do you believe is more of a threat on U.S. soil:

Terrorists from foreign countries, or 41%
Homegrown terrorists, such as McVeigh? 39
Not sure 20

Compare to: Which do you believe is more of a threat on U.S. soil, terrorists from the Middle East or homegrown terrorists like the Oklahoma City bomber and the Unabomber? (10-11 July 96)

Middle East 24%
Homegrown 63
Not sure 13

9. Would you be willing to give up some of your personal freedom in order to reduce the threat of terrorism?

  Yes No (Not sure)
11 May 01 33% 40 27
9 Aug 96 60% 30 10

10. In the next five years, do you think you will actually have to make any changes in your day-to-day lifestyle in response to terrorist activity in the U.S.?

  Yes No (Not sure)
11 May 01 30% 59 11
9 Aug 96 42% 53 5

11. Which do you think presents more of a real danger right now:
SCALE: 1. Nuclear weapons 2. Chemical and biological weapons 3. (Equal) 4. (Not sure)

  Nuclear Chemical/Bio (Equal) (Dk)
11 May 01 9% 69 14 8
18 Dec 98 (± 4%) 13% 70 10 7

12. Do you think the federal government is doing enough to prevent terrorist activity in the U.S.?

Yes 41%
No 37
Not sure 22

13. With regard to Social Security, do you believe it should continue working as it currently does, or do you think people should have the option to invest a small part of their social security contributions in government-approved stock market funds?
SCALE: 1. Continue working as now 2. Option to invest privately 3. (Not sure)

  Continue Option to invest (Dk)
11 May 01* 39% 51 10
12 May 00* 38% 53 9
4 Dec 98 37% 53 10
10 Jan 97 35% 55 10

*somewhat different wording

14. If it were possible for you to do so, do you think you would invest some of your own Social Security money in the stock market or not?

Would 48%
Would not 47
Not sure 5

15. Oil and gas prices have risen sharply in recent months. Do you favor or oppose relaxing some environmental standards to increase oil and gas production in the United States?

  Favor Oppose (Not sure)
11 May 01 45% 44 11
26 Jan 01 * 42% 49 9

*somewhat different wording

16. Do you think most people you know would be willing to relax some environmental standards if cities across the country continue to have electricity shortages and brownouts and blackouts?

Yes, people would relax standards 55%
No, people would not relax standard 31
Not sure 14

17. Have higher gasoline prices caused you to change your driving habits or travel plans?

  Yes No (Not sure)
11 May 01 35% 63 2
30 June 00 43% 55 2
24 Mar 00 42% 56 2

18. Do you think the federal gasoline tax should be suspended until gas prices come down?

Yes 56%
No 37
Not sure 7

19. If you had to choose only one option, which do you think is the better way to solve our country’s future energy needs:

Increase supply by building more power plants, or 41%
Decrease demand by requiring conservation? 35
Both 16
Not sure 8

20. Who do you think is most to blame for rising gasoline prices?

Domestic Oil Producers/Big oil companies 32%
OPEC/Middle East 19
Bush Administration 9
Congress 6
Consumers 6
Clinton Administration 3
Auto Industry/Inefficient cars 2
Environment 1
Other - Specify 1
Not sure 21

21. Some parts of the country are currently experiencing power shortages. Do you favor or oppose relaxing some environmental standards to make it easier to build new power plants?

  Favor Oppose (Not sure)
11 May 01 48% 41 11
26 Jan 01 * 46% 39 15

*somewhat different wording

22. Do you favor or oppose building more nuclear power plants as a way of meeting the need for electrical power?

  Favor Oppose (Not sure)
11 May 01 49% 40 11
26 Jan 01 44% 41 15

23. Do you think the country’s current energy situation is a crisis, or not?

Yes, the country is in an energy crisis 45%
No, the country is not in an energy crisis 50
Not sure 5

24. What do you think you would enjoy the most about being president of the United States?

Living in the White House 34%
Having your own plane to take trips 21
Having "Hail to the Chief" played when you walk into a room 5
Being on television every day 4
Not sure 36

25. Do you think you look more like your mother or your father?

  Father Mother Equal Not Sure
11 May 01 42% 45 8 5
2 May 97 43% 44 n/a 13

26. Overall, whose personality traits do you think you inherited – your father’s or your mother’s?

Father 39%
Mother 34
Equal 19
Not sure 8

27. If stay-at-home moms were paid an annual salary, about how much do you think the salary should be?

$0 - 24,999 24%
$25 - 49,999 28
$50 - 74,999 11
$75,000 and above 12
Refused/Dk 25

28. Do you think of yourself as a supporter or opponent of George W. Bush?

Supporter 58%
Opponent 29
Neither supporter nor opponent 10
Not sure 3

29. (Asked of those under age 60) Which do you believe is more likely:

  11 May 01 26 Apr 96
You’ll receive Social Security benefits when you turn 65, or 68% 54%
Alien life forms will be discovered in your lifetime? 28 38
Not sure 4 8