L.A. Cops Have Not 'Ruled Out' Blake

Actor Robert Blake is not off the hook in the investigation of his wife's slaying, cops said yesterday.

"We have not ruled anyone out as a suspect in this case, and information that indicated that we had is . . . wrong," said Capt. Jim Tatreau, commander of the department's robbery-homicide division. 

At the beginning of the probe of the Friday-night slaying of Leebonny Bakley, it was widely reported Blake was not considered a suspect. 

And though cagey about some aspects of their investigation, cops yesterday were definitive about one thing. 

"We're approaching the case as it should be investigated, following leads . . . conducting interviews," Tatreau said. 

Blake's lawyer, Harland Braun, has hinted cops were less than thorough in their search of Bakley's bungalow behind Blake's home - leaving behind documents that might suggest the killer could be someone from Bakley's past. 

Meanwhile, the 67-year-old Blake did not appear publicly yesterday - including at the Los Angeles area homes of his grown son or daughter. 

Bakley, 45, was shot in the head as she sat in a car about a block from a restaurant where she and Blake had just dined. Blake returned to the restaurant to retrieve a gun he'd left behind - a gun he was carrying because Bakley had told him she was in danger, Braun said. 

The coroner's report in the case remains sealed. 

Braun said that cops plan to interview a man today who works as Blake's bodyguard and assistant, and accompanied the couple on recent trips to Las Vegas and Sequoia National Park. 

Braun and others have painted an unflattering picture of Bakley as a schemer who tapped lonely men for money through a mail-order business and the sale of nude photos, and Braun suggested the killer might be found in Bakley's past.