Blake Claims His Slain Wife Feared Vengeful Stalker

A mysterious stalker once lurked outside the home of TV cop Robert Blake, prompting fears that his wife's con-artist past was catching up to her, Blake's lawyers said yesterday.

After Blake found his wife, Leebonny Bakley, fatally shot near a Studio City restaurant last week, the actor's lawyer immediately speculated one of Bakley's former marks could have shot her. 

In the past few months, the 67-year-old Blake has reportedly spotted a man in his early 20s parked outside the actor's Studio City house. Bakley's checkered history included a lonely-hearts scam that she ran through newspaper classified ads. 

"It was several different incidents" of stalking, Blake's private investigator, Scott Ross, told The Post, refusing to elaborate. 

Blake's housekeeper said she also remembers the stalker and her boss' fearful reaction. 

"I know he was afraid . . . he said, ‘Keep the gate closed, don't leave it open,'" housekeeper Lydia Benavidez told reporters outside Blake's house. 

Cops remained tight-lipped about Bakley's murder, but conceded they are not close to an arrest. 

"If you're asking [if there'll be an arrest] within the next day or two, I'd say no," said Los Angeles Police Lt. Horace Frank. "Beyond that, it depends on the evidence and the pace of the investigation." 

Blake has told cops that he and his wife went out to dinner on Friday night before her murder. They had just left the restaurant, he said, when Blake realized he had left his legally permitted concealed weapon at the eatery. 

When Blake went back to retrieve it, he left Bakley, 45, alone in the couple's car - and vulnerable to a killer's bullet. 

While police consider Blake a witness, the victim's family accused the actor of making deadly threats toward his wife.