Colby Went Down the Hatch

Survivor 2 runner-up Colby Donaldson, criticized for allegedly taking a dive to allow Tina Wesson to win, yesterday said he chose to go into the final round against her because he feared becoming like Richard Hatch - the conniving champion of the original Survivor.

Still, Donalson conceded to Howard Stern that he might have been more devious - more Hatch-like - if the prize money had been bigger. 

"If I would have pulled off and picked Keith and gotten rid of Tina, I would have been just like Richard Hatch and that's the last person I want to be like," Donaldson told Stern yesterday. 

Stern, who said Donaldson had the game won until he allowed Wesson to "play you perfectly," asked Colby if he would have selected Tina over the considerably less-popular Keith if the grand prize had been $10 million instead of just $1 million. 

"The money wasn't that important to me. It was the experience. I would rather have taken the victory and let her have the money," he said. 

"I'm so angry with you for choosing Tina," Stern complained. "The hot chicks couldn't get you to give up the million bucks, but Tina played you by being the good mom. She is not the woman you think she is." 

"I really don't feel like I got played," Colby insisted. "Tina was my best way to get into the final round . . . because I knew Keith wouldn't take me." 

And Donaldson admits he played footsie with contest rules by making a pre-final round deal with Wesson for a high-priced motorcycle. 

"She has several motorcycles and I've always wanted a Harley, so I said, 'Winner buys the loser a brand new Harley.'"