Below the Fold

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Now let's check out some unheralded political stories we've found below the fold.

TV time out

Did TV networks create the Florida recount mess?  A conservative outfit called the Committee for Honest Politics says, yes.  It reports that every major network told voters the Florida polls were closed at 7:00 p.m.  Eastern time on election night, a full hour before balloting actually ended in Florida's overwhelmingly Republican panhandle region. 

Voting there fell off significantly in the final 60 minutes, and Yale economist John Lott estimates the plunge cut George W. Bush's lead by at least 7,500 votes. 

We at Fox committed the error once; other networks did so more often.  Dan Rather and CBS led the parade with 18 direct statements in one hour that the polls had closed and another 15 implying the Florida vote was over. 

Fatal attraction?

Jesse Jackson received a blistering letter from the Reverend Wyatt T. Walker of the Canaan Baptist Church of Christ in Harlem. Jackson had asked permission earlier in the year to use the church as a forum for confessing his sins and begging forgiveness. 

Instead, he used the pulpit to attack his political foes.  Wrote Walker, "Your addiction to the need of media attention seems to be fatal, and you have fallen into the practice of using people for your advantage in political aggrandisement.  I suppose I should not be surprised since the only time I've heard from you in the last 10 years was when you wanted something."

What's second prize?

The Department of Justice has created its own version of Survivor, ironically for the right to witness the death of Timothy McVeigh.  Three hours before the execution, the Justice Department will ask reporters to break up into groups.  Radio correspondents from across the land will have to huddle and look at one another and start haggling until one person 
emerges as the witness for all the others. The same process will happen for all the national newspapers and news magazines, each of which will get one representative.  Television networks get two approved viewers.  A Justice Department official says the back stabbing and deal making have begun already, which raises the question:  Doesn't the public have a right to see that? 

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