Below the Fold

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Now, let's check out some unheralded political stories we found this week "Below the Fold."

Courting trouble

Vermont Judge Matthew I. Katz has rules that Carol Ann Martin, an Irish American, may not have a vanity plate that reads IRISH.  The judge says the plate could offend unnamed residents of Vermont.  "Evocative as Irish may be of leprechauns, shamrocks and Galloway Bay, the need to avoid viewpoint discrimination can be quickly apparent."  He theorized that an Irish plate could inspire a no-Irish plate, which in turn, could be "actually and reasonably offensive to many." 

By the way, Judge Katz has a vanity license plate bearing his initials, M.I.K., which, if read aloud, sound like an old anti-Irish slur, "mic."

No way to treat a lady?

On the bipartisanship watch, President George W. Bush invited members of the Kennedy family to the White House during his first week in office and treated them a screening of the film about the Cuban missile crisis. 

This week Carolyn Kennedy Schlossberg reciprocated by snubbing first lady Laura Bush at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art.  At the opening of an exhibit devoted to her late mother, Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis, Schlossberg said Hillary Rodham Clinton "interpreted the role of first lady for our times."  She merely thanked Mrs. Bush "for coming tonight."

Le joke

Operators of a French web site fabricated a rumor last week that Miss France, Elodie Gossuin, actually is a man, setting off a blizzard of stories to that affect.  Frederic Royer, editor of L'Examiner tried to scotch the gossip declaring "everything is a joke on our page." 

Full disclosure

Meanwhile, there are no such concerns about the biological bonafides of CNN's newest news reader, Andrea Thomson.  Thomson posed nude, she says, in the service of art while pursuing a career in acting that most recently included a role on "NYPD Blue."  CNN says Ms. Thompson was hired not for her looks but brains, and cites as evidence her journalistic resume -- a year as an anchor and reporter in Albuquerque.  No word on whether the
network plans to post photos of studmuffin Wolf Blitzer. 

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