Common Sense: Doing More with Less

I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

But no sooner had I climbed back up on that tax-cutting soapbox of mine, then a lot of you let me know where to get off.

Some of you claimed I was selfish. Others, clueless. Self-serving though this may sound, I am neither.  Why must we always say that people who want a tax cut are selfish?

It's really getting old.  It's just the class war thing all over again.

When I say a tax cut is a good idea, I'm not saying helping poor people is a bad idea.  When I say we deserve our money in our wallets, I'm not saying that should mean taking food out of kids' mouths.

I think reasonable people know that.  Unfortunately, very unreasonable people aren't saying that.

Is it unreasonable to say the government doesn't have all the answers?  No, I think it's reasonable to assume we might.

Is it unreasonable to say paying up to half what you make to the government is a bit much?  No, I think it's reasonable to settle on a smaller amount.


We're not saying, give us "all our money back" — though that is tempting.  We're not saying no to all taxation, just to excessive taxation.  I just think the government can and should try doing more with less.

It's called a budget.  You and I have to stick to one.  So should they.

And who's being greedy here?  Me, for demanding more of my own money back for my purposes?  Or the government, demanding more of my own money for its purposes?

I'm just sick and tired of do-gooders telling me I'm no good.  Never mind that when I've been out with a lot of them, they're the last to pick up the tab.  Now an unreasonable person might say, "Neil, that's because they knew you could cover it."  But a reasonable person would say, "You'd think they'd ask, first."

So, who is zooming whom?

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