Below the Fold

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SNOW:  Now, let's check out political stories we found under the radar and below the fold. 

From our Ex Files, Stanford University has decided not to ask Bill Clinton to deliver a commencement address even though daughter Chelsea will graduate this year. 

And a Wisconsin school system, inspired by the Clinton impeachment, is refining its sex education curriculum so students will learn that intimate contact the former president said did not qualify as sex is, in fact, sex. 

A group called United Poultry Concern plans to protest tomorrow's White House children's Easter egg roll.  The outfit opposes gratuitous egg usage saying, hens are, quote, "driven crazy with cruelty to produce."

Meanwhile, the White House has kindly requested that guests not bring guns, ammunition, knives with blades over three inches, mace or electric stunguns, and also plans to pat down participants, thus adding a goose to a gala previously reserved for bunnies.  

And actress and political Democratic Party strategist, Barbra Streisand recently held a soiree, whose guests included fellow political theorist Warren Beatty and House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt. 

Gloria Borger of U.S. News reports that Streisand suggested buying a cable TV network devoted to exclusively to Democratic viewpoints, apparently believing such a thing doesn't exist already.

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