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Tim Russert, host of NBC's Meet the Press, admits that he spoke to a group of Democratic Senators on Capitol Hill last month. But he strongly disputes any parallel to

Dan Rather's speech to a Democratic Party fundraiser in Texas on March 21.

Russert says he speaks to Capitol Hill groups, including Republican ones, regularly, fielding questions about why NBC News covers things the way it does.

The New York Post quotes sources present at the Democratic lunch, including New Jersey Senator Jon Corzine, as saying Russert offered strategy tips and advice. But Russert says he didn't say anything he has not said publicly, on the air, nor anything he would not also say to Republicans.

Dodgeball Bites the Dust

The latest from the wonderful world of American education is that Broward County, Florida is now at the point of banning school dodgeball because it is too violent. That would please the National Association for Sport and Physical Education, which represents some 18,000 gym teachers.

The group's so-called "Physical Education Hall of Shame" includes dodgeball, not to mention musical chairs. Dodgeball, by the way, has also been banned in Fairfax County, Virginia and Austin, Texas.

Don’t Even Think about Offering Shelter

In San Diego, they've tossed Jim Stephens, founder of a group called Food for Thought, in jail for allegedly distributing food to the homeless without a health permit.

The San Diego Union says Stephens established his street-based program eight years ago and has repeatedly had run-ins with city officials about it legality. The programs involve the solicitation of food from local businesses by volunteers who then pass it out to homeless people on the street.

Education Begins at Home

17-year-old Trevor Loflin of Sonora, California has scored a perfect 800 on both his math and verbal SAT exams, despite the fact that his family was homeless much of the time he was growing up.

"We went back and forth," he told station KCRA. "Sometimes we were homeless. Sometimes we had an apartment. And then basically we just lived where we could find."

Nevertheless, Loflin's mother managed to home-school him. The perfect SAT score might seem to guarantee him college admission, but as notes, in an effort to promote diversity, the University of California is planning to stop using the SAT in college admissions.

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