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It turns out that Barbra Streisand did more than just fire off a sharp memo to Congressional Democrats accusing them of being too passive toward President Bush, and charging that he had stolen the Presidency.

She also had a strategy session at her California estate with other Hollywood liberals and House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt. 

And The Washington Post reports she later also met with Democratic Party chairman Terry McAuliffe, who told The Post that it's, "terrific she's out there expressing her opinions." 

No Minorities Here! 

The San Diego City council has now officially banned the use of the word "minority" to describe any group in city documents. The vote was unanimous, with council chairman George Stevens arguing that calling someone a minority implies that person is inferior. 

In fact, the word would also apply to any member of any race in California, a state in which no ethnic or racial group now constitutes a majority, according to the year 2000 census. 

No Apologies? 

The student paper at Brown University in Rhode Island is one of only a handful which has published David Horowitz's advertisement arguing against payment of reparations for slavery, and done so without apology. 

Now, though, the college Republicans have backed down from their plan to have Horowitz come to Brown to debate the head of the local NAACP. The reason? The group was warned by the student labor alliance and others that a Horowitz appearance would result in violent protests. 


The latest from the zero-tolerance of violence movement involves a 13-year old boy who wrote in an internet chat room that he was being picked on in school and would, "take care of" his tormentors. 

That brought the Missouri Highway Patrol and local authorities swooping down on a 13-year-old in the town of Sparta, who matched part of description of the chat room writer since he had a broken leg. After being handcuffed and led off for five hours of intense questioning, he turned out to be the wrong boy. 

Indeed, the boy in question lived not in Missouri but in Illinois, where he went to school the next day without incident. 

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