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The latest from the wonderful world of American education comes from Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky, where it seems someone scrawled a racial slur on a black student's door.

The response of college president Charles Shearer was to remove a portrait of Jefferson Davis, a Transylvania alumnus, from a school building named after Davis, who, of course, was the president of the confederacy.

Zero-Tolerance Means Zero-Tolerance!


In the McMillan Magnet school in Omaha, Nebraska, authorities found a gun in an eighth-grader's backpack. Authorities do not suspect the kid intended to harm anyone, but it did violate the school's ban on guns in schools.

Since that ban apparently hadn't worked, at least in this case, The Omaha World Herald reports that school officials are discussing another idea: banning backpacks.

These are Taxing Times

If you call the IRS for tax advice, don't be surprised if you don't get through.  The Washington Post says the IRS itself acknowledges that about a third of the calls don't get through. And if you do get through, the IRS's inspector general says a survey of the advice given was wrong 47 percent of the time. The same survey found that visiting an IRS taxpayer assistance center meant much more prompt service, but the advice was wrong 49 percent of the time.

Linking Florida to the Third Reich?

The Reverend Al Sharpton compared George W. Bush's victory in Florida to Hitler's final solution at a New York Forum intended to produce better relations between Jews and blacks. The Jerusalem Post, the only paper that seems to have covered the event, quoted Sharpton as saying, "The reality is that Hitler in his wickedness and evil burned millions of Jews and the only reason he didn't burn millions of blacks is that there were no blacks in Europe."

Sharpton added, "Conservatives fighting to turn back the clock would do the same thing to us," he said, the paper said Sharpton citing the Florida voting controversy as proof.

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