Fashion File: Pair a Great Top with a Plain Bottom

Glamour these days is a little like a geometrical equation: high-octane plus low-octane equals success.

High-octane everything equals fashion disaster. Hence, on the makeup front, you accentuate eyes, or lips, but not both, and apply the same kind of approach when it comes to clothes. So while the past few years have been all about sequined, patterned, interesting skirts, the present belongs to tops in all their glorious (and yes, even bat-winged) glory. 


This is actually good news. Because while the old dressing-up-to-the-nines recipe was simple enough — sling on a turtleneck and team it with decorative bottoms and a great pair of shoes — it meant that if you found yourself going out to dinner, the most interesting bit of your outfit was obscured beneath a table. This time around, you can wear jeans with your dazzling top and still look devastatingly dressed up. 

In fact, jeans are precisely what the fashion set has been wearing with their sparkly tops this winter — partly because they fit that trusted formula of mixing overdone with underdone, and partly because with the amount of shop openings they have to rush to straight from work, they are past mistresses of cultivating glam, yet practical, looks. 

You may not be comfortable wearing jeans to a formal function (in any case, that look is becoming a bit predictable now), but try to keep the bottom part simple all the same. Mix textures — tweed and cord are good counterpoints to a bit of glitter. 

By the way, keeping the lower half relatively toned-down doesn't mean neglecting footwear. Out and out bedazzlement is a pretty reliable rule of thumb here. We've come far too far to let things slide on the shoe front now.