Oh, baby! Bookmakers are offering odds of 25-1 that Britney Spears will have a visit from the stork next year. 

The odds on the virginal pop star — whose hits include "Baby One More Time" — were issued by the Jack Brown Group of Wales. 

In order for a bettor to collect, 19-year-old Britney would have to give birth sometime before New Year's Eve next year — meaning that, barring a premature baby, she'd have to get pregnant by March. 

A spokesman for Britney's record company, Jive, says it is highly unlikely the teen star will follow in her idol Madonna's footsteps and become a mom in the near future. 

And he dismissed the odds as a publicity stunt. 

"I would not put my money on it. If the odds were 500-1, it might be worth putting a pound on it, but only if you could afford to lose the money," the spokesman said. 

Meanwhile, Britney's boyfriend, Justin Timberlake of 'N Sync, is in hot water. 

The hunky boy-band sensation is being sued by the mother of a 15-year-old fan who claims he subjected her daughter to "verbal abuse and physical intimidation." 

Joanne Maguire claims the incident took place last month when her daughter Daniele met Timberlake in a hotel lobby in Missouri. 

Daniele says she asked Timberlake for an autograph, but he ignored her. 

Media reports at the time claimed Daniele shouted, "[Bandmate] J.C. [Chasez] is much cuter anyway!" 

Minutes later, Daniele says she was taken to Timberlake's floor, where he allegedly came on the landing, backed her into a wall and told her off. 

Maguire's lawyer, John Wallach, says security wouldn't let Daniele's mom up to get her, but eventually allowed a pal to go to her aid. 

'N Sync's camp has denied the allegations. 

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