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Final 2014 MLB Statistics - Records in One Run Games
(Complete through Sunday, September 28th)

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National League
Arizona Diamondbacks121411162330
Atlanta Braves15810202528
Chicago Cubs1287131921
Cincinnati Reds121610222238
Colorado Rockies1159192024
Los Angeles Dodgers15810122520
Miami Marlins201715123529
Milwaukee Brewers12911102319
New York Mets141412152629
Philadelphia Phillies161312142827
Pittsburgh Pirates22129173129
St. Louis Cardinals18914143223
San Diego Padres2598123321
San Francisco Giants999131822
Washington Nationals1888142622
American League
Baltimore Orioles19813153223
Boston Red Sox161312152828
Chicago White Sox1989162824
Cleveland Indians14911122521
Detroit Tigers11512152320
Houston Astros1097191728
Kansas City Royals14128132225
LA Angels of Anaheim1879152722
Minnesota Twins1497152124
New York Yankees16912152824
Oakland Athletics12129162128
Seattle Mariners9119161827
Tampa Bay Rays101215112523
Texas Rangers1778152522
Toronto Blue Jays1011591520

As of September 29, 2014, at 10:40 AM ET