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Final 2014 MLB Statistics - Records in Extra Inning Games
(Complete through Sunday, September 28th)

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National League
Arizona Diamondbacks5254106
Atlanta Braves4436710
Chicago Cubs4545810
Cincinnati Reds242549
Colorado Rockies423577
Los Angeles Dodgers4824612
Miami Marlins5547912
Milwaukee Brewers136376
New York Mets344478
Philadelphia Phillies58531011
Pittsburgh Pirates523587
St. Louis Cardinals453176
San Diego Padres7332105
San Francisco Giants247094
Washington Nationals365389
National League Totals58655957
American League
Baltimore Orioles8462146
Boston Red Sox55561011
Chicago White Sox244468
Cleveland Indians7563138
Detroit Tigers105666
Houston Astros323365
Kansas City Royals144357
LA Angels of Anaheim7433107
Minnesota Twins353267
New York Yankees245377
Oakland Athletics6375138
Seattle Mariners143347
Tampa Bay Rays3555810
Texas Rangers210425
Toronto Blue Jays352358
American League Totals54556155
Major League Totals112120120112

As of September 29, 2014, at 10:41 AM ET