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2015 MLB Statistics - Divisional and Interleague Records
(Complete through Thursday, April 16th)

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National League
Arizona Diamondbacks0-00-05-50-0
Atlanta Braves6-30-00-00-0
Chicago Cubs0-03-22-10-0
Cincinnati Reds0-05-40-00-0
Colorado Rockies0-04-23-00-0
Los Angeles Dodgers0-00-03-33-0
Miami Marlins2-50-00-01-2
Milwaukee Brewers0-02-40-30-0
New York Mets7-30-00-00-0
Philadelphia Phillies2-50-00-01-2
Pittsburgh Pirates0-02-40-01-2
St. Louis Cardinals0-05-30-00-0
San Diego Padres0-00-06-40-0
San Francisco Giants0-00-03-80-0
Washington Nationals3-40-00-01-2

American League
Baltimore Orioles5-40-00-00-0
Boston Red Sox2-10-00-04-2
Chicago White Sox0-03-50-00-0
Cleveland Indians0-01-42-10-0
Detroit Tigers0-06-00-02-1
Houston Astros0-01-23-30-0
Kansas City Royals0-04-23-00-0
LA Angels of Anaheim0-00-34-20-0
Minnesota Twins0-03-60-00-0
New York Yankees3-60-00-00-0
Oakland Athletics0-00-05-50-0
Seattle Mariners0-00-03-30-3
Tampa Bay Rays4-30-00-02-1
Texas Rangers0-00-04-60-0
Toronto Blue Jays5-50-00-00-0

As of April 17, 2015, at 10:09 AM ET