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Final 2014 MLB Statistics - Leading, Trailing and Tied After 6 Innings
(Complete through Sunday, September 28th)

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American League
Baltimore Orioles727850159
Boston Red Sox5298721110
Chicago White Sox501010641215
Cleveland Indians6771059811
Detroit Tigers7089541110
Houston Astros5416964712
Kansas City Royals65411581311
LA Angels of Anaheim76101148116
Minnesota Twins525977910
New York Yankees6710753914
Oakland Athletics651112521111
Seattle Mariners6888571110
Tampa Bay Rays617766912
Texas Rangers4597731511
Toronto Blue Jays6111860148
National League
Arizona Diamondbacks4912873713
Atlanta Braves6273601416
Chicago Cubs59977179
Cincinnati Reds6195671010
Colorado Rockies49117721012
Los Angeles Dodgers817254107
Miami Marlins51714661212
Milwaukee Brewers63108591111
New York Mets6411759813
Philadelphia Phillies539871129
Pittsburgh Pirates611111501613
St. Louis Cardinals69108471315
San Diego Padres601971813
San Francisco Giants6261360138
Washington Nationals7261454106
Note: Records do not include shortened games.

As of September 29, 2014, at 01:35 AM ET