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2014 MLB Statistics - Leading, Trailing and Tied After 8 Innings
(Complete through Friday, August 1st)

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American League
Baltimore Orioles484238105
Boston Red Sox380347813
Chicago White Sox47634644
Cleveland Indians44125183
Detroit Tigers53334133
Houston Astros41405546
Kansas City Royals48124665
LA Angels of Anaheim56233467
Minnesota Twins40135554
New York Yankees45234268
Oakland Athletics52463484
Seattle Mariners49324258
Tampa Bay Rays47214757
Texas Rangers36136143
Toronto Blue Jays51204792
National League
Arizona Diamondbacks37335386
Atlanta Braves53124635
Chicago Cubs41205456
Cincinnati Reds48214369
Colorado Rockies36225666
Los Angeles Dodgers57204046
Miami Marlins382348126
Milwaukee Brewers51243968
New York Mets442441414
Philadelphia Phillies39424988
Pittsburgh Pirates47434285
St. Louis Cardinals52204257
San Diego Padres41135356
San Francisco Giants48354364
Washington Nationals50334254
Note: Records do not include shortened games.

As of August 2, 2014, at 04:58 AM ET