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Final 2014 NFL Statistics - Inside and Outside Records
(Complete through Sunday, December 28th)

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National Football Conference
 Dome StadiumsOutdoor StadiumsOverall Records
Arizona Cardinals8203301150
Atlanta Falcons4402606100
Carolina Panthers200581781
Chicago Bears11041005110
Dallas Cowboys5307101240
Detroit Lions7204301150
Green Bay Packers02012201240
Minnesota Vikings120670790
New Orleans Saints380410790
New York Giants1205806100
Philadelphia Eagles3107501060
St. Louis Rams3603406100
San Francisco 49ers310570880
Seattle Seahawks11011301240
Tampa Bay Buccaneers03021102140
Washington Redskins1303904120
American Football Conference
 Dome StadiumsOutdoor StadiumsOverall Records
Baltimore Ravens1109501060
Buffalo Bills210760970
Cincinnati Bengals1009511051
Cleveland Browns100690790
Denver Broncos01012301240
Houston Texans440530970
Indianapolis Colts4307201150
Jacksonville Jaguars02031103130
Kansas City Chiefs010960970
Miami Dolphins010870880
New England Patriots10011401240
New York Jets01041104120
Oakland Raiders01031203130
Pittsburgh Steelers10010501150
San Diego Chargers010960970
Tennessee Titans00021402140

As of December 29, 2014, at 01:11 PM ET