'One Heartbeat: The Story of the 97 World Series Champions' premieres June 25 on FOX Sports Florida

MIAMI -- The 1997 Florida Marlins seemingly came out of nowhere to bring South Florida its first professional sports championship in over two decades. Four years after the teams inaugural season, a group of young players, many of whom would go on to become All-Stars, savvy veterans and tough pitchers came together to put together a storybook run that ended with the Fish hoisting the first World Series Trophy in club history following an epic Game 7 victory. Marlins fans can tune in for this incredible, must-watch documentary featuring never-before told stories as FOX Sports Florida traveled across the country and internationally to interview members of the team that will forever hold a place in the heart of South Florida sports fans.

This is one "Inside the @Marlins" episode you just can't miss. Our documentary on the 1997 World Series Champion team premieres tomorrow!

FOX Sports Florida (@FOXSportsFL) June 24, 2017

Viewers can watch the premiere this Sunday, June 25 at 4:30 p.m. upon conclusion of the Marlins vs. Chicago Cubs game on FOX Sports Florida. Interviews featured in the 30-minute special include former Florida Marlins teammates Devon White, Craig Counsell, Moises Alou, Robb Nen, Alex Fernandez, Edgar Renteria, Jeff Conine, Gary Sheffield, Cliff Floyd, Charles Johnson and Manager Jim Leyland.

Tune in on FOX Sports Florida and FOX Sports GO as we debut Inside the Marlins: One Heartbeat: The Story of the 97 World Series Champions, and be sure to follow @FOXMarlins on Twitter and Instagram and visit for channel listings and exclusive Marlins video coverage.

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