Minor-league team to hold 'Might Be the Fathers Day' promotion with free pregnancy tests

Strange minorleague baseball promotions are nothing new, but we may have a new leader in the clubhouse for weirdest of the year.

Fans of theJacksonville Jumbo Shrimp (double-A affiliate of the Miami Marlins) will not only get to enjoy $1 beer for the team's "Thirsty Thursday" specialthis week, but they can also get a free pregnancy test along with their suds.

Yes, a free pregnancy test.

It's part of the team's "You Might Be The Father's Day" promotion. I'll just let the team website go ahead and explain more.

In honor of You Might Be The Father's Day, the Jumbo Shrimp will be distributing pregnancy tests so you'll know if you need to return for Sunday's Father's Day gameā€¦ It will be an evening filled with suspense, intrigue and manila envelopes.

Find out youor your significant other is pregnant at a minor league baseball stadium on Thursday, return to the minor league baseball stadium to celebrate the pregnancy on Father's Day that weekend. Genius!

Jumbo Shrimp general manager Harold Craw said that there would be several hundred pregnancy testsready to be given away on Thursday, though fans can decline.

Well give it to them if they want one, Craw said. But at that point, its completely up to them. Theyre on their own.

You know what they say, beingtold "you're on your own" is always a dream quote when there's a potential pregnancy on the line.

But, in all seriousness, a free (optional) pregnancy test doesn't really hurt anyone. It's a weird promotion designed mainly to get a few chuckles, but it could actually be somewhat of a public service. Maybe the Jumbo Shrimp end up providing good news to some luckyfans.

If not, at least the beer is cheap?