Cristiano Ronaldo celebrated his Champions League win with a surprising new haircut

Cristiano Ronaldo is a man on top of the world right now. He just won the UEFA Champions League, which comes after he won La Liga last month and his 2017 has been all-around rather excellent. He seemingly can do no wrong.

So, riding that high, he decided to do make a change: He's cut off his bleach-tipped hair and debuted a new buzz cut.

Do you like it??????

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For a player who has been known for some of the funky hairstyles he's tried over the years, Ronaldo has managed to surprise a lot of fans with his new 'do.

The frosted tips he had been rocking during the later rounds of the Champions League seemed to give him Samson-like powers -- he had been scoring at a pretty impressive clip since he added the highlights to his hair. Correlation without causation? Probably, but who can really say for sure? Either way, now that he's won everything, he doesn't need the magic powers of his frosted tips anymore.

It'll surely grow back by the time La Liga starts back up again, but who knows, maybe Ronaldo will decide to keep it. Then we'll truly know if his frosted tips were the key to his Champions League success.