Watch Cristiano Ronaldo do it again, score his second of the Champions League final

Cristiano Ronaldo just can't stop scoring. The bigger the match, the more likely he is to score, and that's especially true in European competition.

The Portuguese already holds the record for goals in European competition, and with his goal to open Saturday's Champions League final became the first player to score in three of the tournament'sfinals. But that was't enough -- he had to add a second.

This Ronaldo goal made it 3-1 and gave Real Madrid a cushion that they desperately needed because Juventus were making things difficult on the Merengues. As was the case with the first one, it wasn't just Ronaldo making it happen, but fine team play. And then at the end, it was Ronaldo with the clinical finish, as per usual.

This is a sight that everyone has gotten used to, but Gianluigi Buffon in particular. Ronaldo has now scored seven goals in five matches against Buffon, the most the legendary goalkeeper has conceded to any one player.

Ronaldo just can't stop scoring. Or winning.