Watch Cristiano Ronaldo's son score yet another stunner free kick, just like his dad

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. may be early in his soccer career he's only 6 years oldbut he's already following in his famous father's footsteps. And while we already sawthe amazing free kick he scored last month, the real test for any star in the making is consistency.

Well, Cristiano Jr. scored another stunner that his proud dad shared on Saturdaya free kick that a soccer player of any age would love to score. Take a look at how Ronaldo's son bends the ball over the wall and tucks it inside the (tiny) goal:


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As Ronaldo so eloquently put it, "Boom" indeed.

While it's not the best angle of the goal, two things are very clear: 1) Cristiano Jr. is a real chip off the old block and has some genuine skills like his dad, and 2) Ronaldo is his son's biggest fan and it's adorable.

It's a long way from where Cristiano Jr. is now to where his dad is now, but the kid's got potential for sure.