Indians' Kipnis offers Lindor swag to anyone who can find obsolete shin guard

In an act of desperation, the Cleveland Indians' Jason Kipnis has taken advantage of his 155,000-person reach on Instagram in an effort to find a shin guard.

The 29-year-oldsecond baseman explained in a post on Thursday that a particular Easton-made shin guard he's used since college has gone missing:

Resorting to some last options hereā€¦ but have worn this model shin guard since college and it's gone missing! @eastonbaseball doesn't even make the white one anymore so I'm wondering if there's anybody out there that has one of these hanging around and wants to send it to me in return for some tickets or memorabilia! I can get you some @lindor12bc signed gear!!! . If you have one, DM a pic of proof and we'll talk!! It's gotta be the white one!!

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Kipnis' odds for finding a replacement appear to be fairlyhigh, as a number of people have responded with leads.

It'sfunny that Kipnis apparently believes that his rising star shortstop teammate Franisco Lindor is a big draw than himself -- a two-time All-Star and pretty popular player in his own right. Gotta get that shin guard.