Borussia Dortmund manager Thomas Tuchel fumes at UEFA's decision to make them play day after team bus bombing

Borussia Dortmud manager Thomas Tuchel is furious that hissidehad to play a day after a bombing on the team bus left defender Marc Bartra with injuries that required surgery. The incident occurred on Tuesday with the team on the way to their Champions League quarterfinal match against Monaco and forced the postponement of the contest. But UEFA decided to play the match less than 24 hours later, which left Tuchel upset.

"We were never asked, we were informed by a text message that the UEFA made a decision in Switzerland. It felt lousy. And that sticks with us," Tuchel said in a news conference after his side lost 3-2 on Wednesday.

"Minutes after the attacks the only question was whether the game could go through or not. We were treated as if a beer can was thrown at the bus. It gives you a feeling of impotence.

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"It will stick with us that we have to function and that everything else plays no role. We are outside of the bus, Marc [Barta] gets driven away in an ambulance, and we are informed about the decision. It does not feel good."

Tuchel wanted to give his team more time to process what happened, take it in and be able to deal with it before having to worry about soccer again. However, UEFA's decision to play the match so quickly didn't give them that opportunity.

The BVB boss said he didn't require any of his players to play on Wednesday. Instead, he left it up to them, and they all opted to play.

"We left it open to every player if he wants to play," he added. "We realised this morning that training is a distraction. Every player, every human, and this attack was on us as humans, can be scared stiff by this. But all of them wanted to play.

"We would have wanted to have more time to digest all of this. We did not get this time. We have to live with the fact that the match was scheduled. It's about our dream, our big dream, and the squad did not have the feeling they could make the difference in the small situations.

"Later in the afternoon, we encouraged the players to go into the match."

Borussia Dortmund's Champions League dream is not over. This was simply a first leg loss, and while they are huge underdogs after falling at home and conceding three away goals, they have the chance to make a comeback in the second leg. Still, that hope does not make Tuchel happening.

The second leg is scheduled for next Wednesday in Monaco.

The investigation into the bombing is ongoing, however authorities have identified two suspects and one has been detained. Bartra's surgery was successful and he is back home resting comfortably.


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