The Mariners hired a mariachi band to follow Leonys Martin around on his birthday

A happy belated birthday goes out to Seattle Mariners outfielder Leonys Martin, who celebrated his 29th year of life on Monday. I did not get him a present because there's no way to top what the Mariners surprised Martin with on his special day.

They got him a live mariachi band, which followed him around all day at spring training.

Yep, a mariachi band for #Mariners CF Leonys Martin on his29th birthday.

— Bob Dutton (@TNT_Mariners) March 6, 2017

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Never a dull day in Peoria

— Ryan Divish (@RyanDivish) March 6, 2017

They even followed Martin into center field as he shagged some flyballs. That's some outstanding dedication.

#Mariners center fielder @leonys27martin doesn't need backup when he's out there, but today, he's got it. #Mariachi

— Fernando Alcalá (@AlcalaFernando) March 6, 2017

It's worth pointing out that Martin is Cuban, so he may not fully understand why his teammates went with a staple of Mexican cultural heritage to honor him on his birthday. Also, he was given a gigantic sombrero -- another symbol of Mexican culture -- to wear around, so maybe his teammates don't know him as well as they think they do.

Either way, it's the thought that counts and this thought was tremendous.