Sharks goalie Martin Jones makes save with the help of his jersey collar

The "save of the year" discussion will be a tough one in the NHL this season, as there have been plenty of spectacular candidates from goalies around the league. However, the "save of the year" by a goalie's jersey should be an easy one.

That honor goes to the sweater of Sharks goalie Martin Jones, as it managed to stop a one-timer from Minnesota's Chris Stewart on Sunday. Somehow, the puck traveled straight into the back of Martin's neckline and got caught in the collar of his jersey, where it stayed until referees spotted it and pulled it out.

Although most of the credit goes to the equipment, we have to give some props to Jones here as well. After a replay review, it was determined that the goalie didn't cross the goal line with the puck in the back of his jersey, meaning the puck stayed out of the net and the Wild were kept off the board.

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Earlier this year, the league made goalies switch to smaller and tighter pants. Maybe now the jerseys are next.