Monday Morning Rewind: Patterson, Griffen laugh their way to the Pro Bowl

It's hard to track everything on the Internet and that's why we're here. To start off your week, we bring you some of the videos you might have missed the past seven days.

So sit back, relax and enjoy.

Lil' Greenway is now the top-ranked recruit for the Class of 2031…

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Had to post this video of my daughter Beckett at her first bball game. She puts in work with her sister, good to see it paying off.

-- Chad Greenway (@chadgreenway52) January 21, 2017

The laugh at the end is our new ringtone.

Uh oh, @Brian_Robison.@EversonGriffen is trying to steal your thunder at the #ProBowl.


-- Minnesota Vikings (@Vikings) January 28, 2017

Now we know that Patterson giggles like a little girl on roller coasters.

.@ceeflashpee84 was the biggest little kid at @WaltDisneyWorld yesterday.

-- Minnesota Vikings (@Vikings) January 28, 2017