Last week, Detroit Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy revealed that his proudest moment in college was breaking the leg of "dirtbag" Joe Paterno. His comments on the late Penn State head coach obviously stemmed from the sexual assault scandal at the university involving Jerry Sandusky, which Paterno said he wasn't aware of.

Levy's declaration made its rounds on the web as many were taken aback by it, but he expanded on his stance a few days later. In a piece for the Detroit Free Press, which he does regularly, Levy wrote about why he deemed Paterno a "dirtbag," and his thoughts on how sports are prioritized over humanity.

Here's part of what Levy said:

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I hope me speaking in jest about my "proudest moment" doesn't distract from the serious sentiment. Any person or institution, Joe Paterno included, that turns away from or fails to act against sexual assault is a "dirtbag."

Levy continues to explain his point by putting the Penn State scandal into perspective, making it more personal to readers. He asks them to imagine if it was their "son, nephew, cousin or young male" taken advantage of at a football camp, only to have the story break years later.

Levy added:

If you're aware of sexual violence and don't use the full strength of your power to stop it, you're just as complicit and responsible. We have to stop prioritizing sport over humanity and the worse things a person can do, including failing to disrupt DECADES of sexual violence.

You can read Levy's full piece for the Detroit Free Press here.