Joe Flacco has made more than $114 million in his career. He's (probably) bought everything from a sweet car to a nice house, but he's also made a couple of dumb purchases along the way, too.

Flacco revealed the worst of the worst this week in an interview on "The Lounge," and it's something you might even have in your house.

"The dumbest thing I bought were … how many did I buy? … I bought a handful of massage chairs a few years back," Flacco said, via the team's official site. "Like the big Brookstone ones that put you all the way back."

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Massage chairs are great. They're also somewhat expensive, especially when you buy a "handful" of them. Being an NFL quarterback, having something that relaxes you and eases tension on your body can be nice.

For Flacco, however, they didn't get much mileage.

"Used them one time, then they just sat in my basement," Flacco said. "As big as they are, I still didn't really fit in it."

Fortunately for one Ravens security employee, the chairs have since been donated to him.

So why exactly did he buy them? He has tight end Dennis Pitta to blame for that.

"I was like, 'What do you guys think? Should I get some of these?'" Flacco said. "Of course Pitta, he's the ultimate peer pressure'er, the person who wants you to do dumb things. So he started getting in my ear about doing it. I might have gotten five of them, a couple thousand dollars each."

There are certainly worse things Flacco could have bought, but he also could have put this towards a ping pong robot like Andrew Luck said he'd buy.