Players aren't permitted to wear custom cleats during games due to the NFL's uniform restrictions, but dozens have taken advantage of warmups to make statements on their feet.

Just this season, we've seen cleats with Arnold Palmer, Muhammad Ali and caution tape on them, among others, but Jerick McKinnon took the custom shoe game to another level on Sunday.

The Minnesota Vikings running back took the field for warmups wearing cleats paying tribute to Harambe, the late Cincinnati Zoo gorilla.

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— Minnesota Vikings (@Vikings) October 23, 2016

Fire on the Feet 🔥👟#JericksOutForHarambe #RIPHarambe

— Andy Kenutis (@AndyKenutis) October 23, 2016

This isn't the first time the Vikings have remembered the gorilla. In Week 1, they had a weird pregame tribute to him, yelling "Spoons out for Harambe" before taking the field.


— Minnesota Vikings (@Vikings) September 11, 2016

Still not sure exactly what "Spoons out for Harambe" means, but the Vikings have an obvious infatuation with the gorilla.