The Indians made quick work of the Blue Jays in the ALCS, giving them plenty of time to rest before the start of the World Series on Tuesday. That extended layoff also gives team officials plenty of time to work out the details of hosting the first two games of the Fall Classic, including who will throw out the ceremonial first pitches.

Count Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn among the interested. You remember him, right? He was the guy the Tribe called upon to slam the door before Andrew Miller was on the roster.

Major League
continues to be the gift
that keeps on giving!

if called upon,
I'd be honored.

— Charlie Sheen (@charliesheen) October 20, 2016

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Charlie Sheen, of course, famously portrayed the convict-turned-closer in the first two "Major League" films. And nostalgic Indians seem to be in favor of the idea of the Vaughn walking out of the bullpen to "give 'em the heater" one more time.

Charlie Sheen should absolutely throw out a first pitch for the Indians. Because I can't think of a former Indian that would be better...

— Geoff Sheen (@mrgeoffsheen) October 21, 2016

If @charliesheen walks out of the @Indians bullpen to wild thing to throw out the first pitch of game one... the park might explode #please

— David Cox (@DaveCox19) October 20, 2016

@Indians. Let's get Charlie Sheen as Ricky Vaughan to throw out the first pitch Game 1! Glasses and theme song to boot! #lifegoals

— Ian Griffin (@griffini1320) October 20, 2016

Having Charlie Sheen come out to Wild Thing and throwing out the first pitch in Game 1 would be absolutely epic @Indians #RallyTogether

— AJ (@AJ_Ondrey) October 20, 2016

If @charliesheen doesn't throw out the 1st pitch for @Indians in game 1 of the World Series, I'm going to be devastated! #WildThing

— Josh Ragsdale (@JoshRagsdale) October 20, 2016

Wild Thing Rick Vaughn should throw out the first pitch of the WS make it happen @charliesheen @Indians #givemtheheaterricky

— Chris Golian (@chrisgolian65) October 20, 2016

RT if you want Charlie Sheen to toss out the 1st pitch!#TribeMania ⚾️#MajorLeague // #Indians

— #TribeMania ⚡️ (@TribeMania) October 20, 2016

The @Indians need to have @charliesheen throw out the first pitch FOR SURE

— ClevelandFanz (@Cleveland_Fanz) October 20, 2016

Hey, why not? After all, these Indians have embraced their "Major League" roots all season, with Jason Kipnis and Mike Napoli even constructing this shrine to Jobu: