6-year-old discovers gold medal from 1992 Olympics in the garbage

Olympian Joe Jacobi took gold in Barcelona in the men's double slalom event, but back in June his was stolen from his car while he ate in a restaurant. A thief in Atlanta smashed the window of his car and took the medal, and he spread the word on social medal and offered a reward to anyone who returned it.

I just published "To Whom Does Our Olympic Gold Medal Belong To Now?"

— Joe Jacobi (@JoeJacobi) June 14, 2016

The medal was eventually found in a heap of trash by a 6-year-old girl (who has since turned 7).

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Via the AP:

"Chloe Smith was walking with her father when she spotted the gold medal discarded in a pile of garbage. Chloe returned the medal to Jacobi, who had posted about the theft on social media. The former Olympian then promised to visit Chloe's school and let her classmates know about her good deed."