Vikings wide receiver walks to practice every day, refuses to buy a car

Back in April, Moritz Boehringer became the first player who hasn't played football in North America to be drafted directly into the NFL.

Taken by the Minnesota Vikings with the 168th overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, Mortiz's selection is the most atypical grab by an NFL team in draft history. Boehringer is also one of the most atypical characters in the league, judging by his chosen mode of transportation.

As he admitted in a recent interview with TransferWise, Boehringer doesn't own a car, choosing to talk to practice and save money over purchasing an automobile.

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"The main reason I walk everywhere is because I don't have a car. I wanted to save money. Every morning I just walk to the facility, and in the afternoon I walk back. My girlfriend thinks that's pretty crazy, because like most Americans, she drives everywhere."

What else has been a culture shock for Boehringer?

"Miles, yards, Fahrenheit," Boehringer said. "That stuff just doesn't make any sense to me."

Guys, if you see a 6'4" man in Vikings training gear walking the roads near the Verizon Training Camp, give him a ride. He's a kind German fellow just trying to get to his humble job in the National Football League.

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