Texas A&M assistants suspended for inappropriate presentation at women's football seminar

Two Texas A&M football assistant coaches have been suspended for two weeks without pay after a running a slideshow presentation filled with inappropriate innuendo at a women's football seminar this week.

The incident occurred at "Chalk Talk," an women-only football seminar put on by the Texas A&M football team with the intent of discussing the Xs and Os of football with women interesting in learn more about the sport.

Many were offended, however, when a slideshow presentation showed a spoof of the Texas A&M rewritten to include the phrases "filled with estrogen," "putting down our dish towels" and "bring it more thong."

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If you can't read it, here is the blown up version of that Texas A&M Chalk Talk

— Anwar Richardson (@AnwarRichardson) July 29, 2016

The slideshow also featured a segment on blocking schemes that included the phrases "Don't let him inside" and "spread them again again."

Here is Pic #4

— Anwar Richardson (@AnwarRichardson) July 29, 2016

Here is Pic #3

— Anwar Richardson (@AnwarRichardson) July 29, 2016

Here is Pic #2

— Anwar Richardson (@AnwarRichardson) July 29, 2016

I received four pics from the Texas A&M Talk Chalk event on Wednesday. Here is Pic #1

— Anwar Richardson (@AnwarRichardson) July 29, 2016

Per's Anwar Richardson, Texas A&M released a statement from Aggies head coach Kevin Sumlin and has suspended the offending coaches, offensive line coach Jim Turner and special teams and tight end coach Jeff Banks, for two weeks without pay and have ordered them to complete 20 hours of community service.

Texas A&M has issued these statements regarding the offensive material at the recent Chalk Talk for women

— Anwar Richardson (@AnwarRichardson) July 29, 2016

Sumlin's statement:

"There is absolutely no place in our program or in our University community for inappropriate conduct or degrading comments towards women, or anyone, regardless of intent. While I was in attendance at the Chalk Talk event this week, I was engaged in meeting participants, taking photographs and signing autographs and I was unaware of the contents of Jim and Jeff's presentations until this morning. Upon learning of the details, I immediately consulted with Director of Athletics Scott Woodward, and made the decision that both Jim and Jeff will be suspended without pay for two weeks immediately and will serve 20 hours of community service. I have addressed the issue with both of them and have their commitment to be better representatives of the program. On behalf of the Aggie Football, I want to apologize for the comments at Chalk Talk and for my failure to review their individual presentations. I want to thank the almost 700 women who came out this week who not only participated but who also supported a worthy cause in the Twin City Mission."

Turner and Banks also released a joint statement apologizing for their actions.

"We want to sincerely apologize to the passionate Aggie fans and to women everywhere for our failed attempt at humor during this week's Aggie Football Chalk Talk and fundraiser. We clearly understand now that our comments and slides were not appropriate or consistent with the values of our program or our Department. We must do better, and we will."

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