The Cleveland Browns are set to get their star receiver Josh Gordon back this season after missing all of 2015 and most of 2014 due to his repeated suspensions. He'll be a huge lift to the offense, assuming he stays both healthy and clean off the field, avoiding any other drug violations to warrant another ban.

Gordon reported to training camp on Thursday with the rest of the Browns veterans and spoke to reporters for the first time. He was apparently upbeat and positive, and promises to be a changed person off the field.

"I definitely think I'm a different person. If you haven't changed over a period of time than it's definitely a bad thing. I think me standing here is a testament to that," Gordon said via "Most people might not see it that way. That just comes with the territory with me being who I am, considering my past. But I'm only looking towards the future. And hopefully people can see that."

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Gordon will serve a four-game suspension to start the year, but is eligible to return for the same game that Tom Brady will come back from his four-game ban -- for a different reason, of course.

Gordon indicated he has remorse from only thinking about himself in the past, but that will change in 2016.

"In the past I've been a selfish player. I'll definitely admit that. I wanted to do things my way," Gordon said. "But things turn around. People change. It's possible to change. It takes some learning, but you eventually get to that point and I think I have."

Gordon will have to become more of a team player in 2016, and put the franchise first rather than himself. He set the Browns back significantly by missing 27 games in the past two seasons.

He'll be able to play only 12 this season, but it's better than his impact in recent years. The Browns need Gordon to make plays this season and help out the offense as much as possible.