NYCFC fans trolled the Red Bulls with an incredible Snapchat filter

You may have heard that the New York Red Bulls and New York City FC don't like each other very much. It's part of that whole rivalry, sharing-a-city thing.

Normally, rivalries like this come down to fans yelling insults at each other. But NYCFC fans took it to another level. They got a Snapchat filter made (with the logo of the Third Rail supporters group) that people could use when they were at Red Bull Arena for Sunday's match between the rivals that took aim at the Red Bulls' struggles to fill their stadium.

Let's go to the scoreboard for this one:

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- Is the claim true? Yes, the Red Bulls only average about 19,000 fans in a 25,000-seat stadium, but the place is full when NYCFC comes in.
- Is it a good burn? Yes, it shows that the Red Bulls' biggest draw is, well, NYCFC.
- Is it relevant? Yes, the two teams share a city so fandom and support is huge.
- Is it well-directed? Yes, because it's making fun of the team and its fans.

Score: NYCFC fans 100, Red Bulls 0.

But wait... the Red Bulls beat NYCFC, 4-1, and have now beaten their rivals in five of six matches between the two.

Revised score: Look at the actual scoreboard and it's all red.

Good try, NYCFC fans. You crushed it. Your team? Not so much.